Plant Tools

Binary Vectors for Plant Transformation

  • pGFPGUSPlus: a dual reporter gene binary vector for plant transformation. Contains cassettes for both GUSPlus and GFP. Useful for developing and improving transformation systems; you can also replace one reporter gene with your gene of interest and use the other reporter to track transformation, do linked segregation studies in progeny, etc. Read more here and get the plasmid here.



Endosperm-specific cereal promoters

  • Strong, endosperm-specific promoters for cereal crops. Can be used for cereal seed improvement and plant bio-factory applications. Read more here and get the plasmids here.

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Ubi:GUSPlus Plasmid

The GUSPlus reporter gene driven by the constitutive, ubiquitous ubi promoter. Useful as a reporter gene control for plasmid work in plants. Publication here and get the plasmid here.